Synopsis: Claude was always a lonely guy ever since his school days. A man fustrated by the world he lives in, he's not one to see the light in himself or those around him. That is until he comes across a former classmate and high school crush named Kayla who recognizes him and volunteers to help him overcome his self esteems issues and his lack of social skills. Will Claude overcome his social struggles? What caused Claude to become so stunted. What is the motive behind Kayla helping a former classmate after so many years had past between them? Only time will tell as this story progresses. Losely inspired on the life experiences of the website "Incel Perspective". This story will take a narrative approach to overcoming social anxiety and self esteem problems through means of real and proper techniques used in exposure therapy. So you can sort of think of this as a self-improvment work without the arrogance that's given off by so many works that claim to make you an uberchad through lectures or books. Rather, this is a more down to earth approach to overcoming fears and anxiety faced by so many men in the modern world.

Author's Note: All characters are losely based on real people but have been altered in such a way as to be distinct from their real life counter parts including the main characters. This a work of fiction losely inspired by my own experiences and interactions with others in my life and is not a biopic by any means.

Background Music has been composed specifically for this story by myself.

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  • Chapter 1: A Lonesome Teddy Bear
  • Flashback 1: The Freshman
  • Chapter 2: The First Lesson
  • Chapter 3: Kayla's Home
  • Flashback 2: An Unlikely Friendship (WIP)
  • Chapter 4: Opening Up (WIP)
  • To Be Continued

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