Generation Anzio: A Girls und Panzer Fanfiction


Following the dramatic events of "Das Finale," the world of Sensha-do tankery combat finds its way back to the seemingly ordinary halls of Anzio Girl's High School. However, the once-mighty Sensha-do team of Anzio has languished in disarray ever since their legendary commander, Anchovy (Chiyomi Anzai), bid farewell. For three long years, the school team and tank fleet lay dormant, until a fresh group of first-year students unearthed the remnants and embarked on a mission to revitalize Anzio's Sensha-do legacy.

United by their shared determination, these four young girls along with a new Sensha-do team thrust into a new era of Sensha-do at Anzio. Together, they must navigate the treacherous terrain of classic adversaries and formidable new rivals, pushing themselves to the limits as they elevate Anzio's Sensha-do team to unprecedented heights. Along the way, they will confront not only external challenges but also their own personal weaknesses, discovering the true power of teamwork and friendship.

Character Bios (WIP)

Chapter 1: (WIP)

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