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Welcome to the Waifu Library. This webpage is dedicated to some of my favorite waifu characters in fiction. On top of that, you’ll also find some literary works here of all sorts such as fan-fictions or completely original pieces of work. Not to mention, you'll also find my Koikatsu character cards here that are free to download and use in your Koikatsu game if you're really that depraved. Depravity is not a theme for this site nor will you find negative vibes here like my other website. This is more or less a passion project done on the side in addition to my personal blog site you can find down below in the links. Otherwise, there is no point to any of this other than for my own amusement. Find some nice music, get yourself a nice afternoon drink and relax at the Waifu Library.

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Most recent update: July 9, 2023: Started Work on yet another Fanfiction Project.

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Waifu Catalog

  • Anchovy - Tank Commander of Anzio
  • Yuki Nagato - Alien and memember of SOS Brigade
  • MP40 - Submachine Gun
  • Haruka Ogasawara - Bari-Sax Player
  • SPAS 12 - (THICK) Combat Shotgun
  • Nausicaa - Princess and Warrior
  • Rena Lanford - Nedian Symbologist
  • Andou Rena - Vice Tank Commander
  • Tsuyuri Kumin - Sleepyhead
  • Rin Tezuka - Crippled Artist and Autist
  • Kyrie - An-cap Mercenary Pilot and Pancake Enjoyer
  • Plum - Amateur Golfer
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