• Source: Girls Und Panzer
  • Name/Alias: Chiyomi Anzai, Anchovy, Duce!
  • Birthday: September 23
  • Height: 162.56cm / 5' 4.1"
  • Occupation: Tank/School Commander

  • Chiyomi Anzai (also known as Anchovy or as I like to call her: Chovy for short) is a cute angry little nervous bundle of spaghetti. She's kind of based off Benito Mussolini in her mannerism and outfits. She is in some ways a lot like myself personality wise (hot headed, not confident in one's own ability, somewhat of a slacker, and frugal). It's for those reasons (alongside her adorable mannerism and appearance) that I listed her as a top tier waifu in this blog.

    Some noteworthy things to mention is that her eyesight isn't all that great (same goes for myself) so she tends to wear contacts when she's "attempting" to inspire her sensha-dō team in public while in private, she'll wear glasses and single braid her hair in order to keep a low profile. Eitherway, she's very cute regardless. She also like Italian food too which is a plus.

    Dedicated Song: Ennio & Andrea Morricone - Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso

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