Rin Tezuka

  • Source: Katawa Shoujo
  • Name/Alias: Tezuka Rin
  • Birthday: March 13
  • Height:161 cm (5'3")
  • Occupation: Crippled Student, Painter

  • I went in blind on my first playthrough of Katawa Shoujo. So getting Rin Tezuka’s good ending at the end of that first playthrough felt really special. I got all sorts of feels and none of them could be accurately put into any clear details. It kind of says more about myself more than it does about Rin’s character. She’s an artist though because she’s missing her arms, she paints with her feet and sometimes her mouth and is actually quite good at it too. I think that's pretty hot. For an artist (and a girl in general) her art as well as her own philosophy is abstract and sometimes confusing even to herself lmao. That’s not to say she doesn’t have feelings. It’s just very hard to convey them to others sometimes. I can relate to that.

    So yeah, fuck all of the other character paths. Rin is my gal. All the others are shit. Especially Shizune (more like Shitzune amirite?). Autistic girl for an questionably autistic player.

    Dedicated Song: NicolArmarfi - Cloudland Swing (Cover by MusicMike512)

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