• Source: Kouya no Kotobuki
  • Name/Alias: Thunderclap Gale Kyrie (lmao really?)
  • Birthday: December 11
  • Height:Not described but assumed to be medium-sized (Whatever that means).
  • Occupation: Mercenary An-Cap Pilot and Pancake Enthusiast

  • Kouya no Kotobuki was an anime series with a lot of promise. It could have been another Girls Und Panzer but I think the An-Cap post apocalyptic world building, messy plot, Japanese only plane showcase, and weird CGI/2D animation was a turn off for some people. Still, the dog fights are some of the best I’d ever seen and the audio for these dog fights….man they are top notch. Some of the characters were okay and could had used some more character building. But I’m not here to give my thoughts about the anime but rather to bring light about why I incorporated Kyrie into my waifu shrine. She’s an Merc Pilot who enjoys dogfights and just flying in general. Something that makes her different compared to her flight team. With that said, her piloting skills are variable at best. Sometimes she does some stupid mistakes. Other times, she pulls off some impressive maneuvers. She’s all ego and show and that’s what makes her one of the most fun waifus to tease. All you have to do is either taunt her during a dog fight, insult her piloting skills, or threaten to take her pancakes away and she’ll go nuts it’s so cute. Then you can tell her you’re just messing with her and engage in some loving pancaking action with her if you catch my drift.

    So basically, she has the looks of Yukari but has the personality of someone like Anchovy. What’s not to like? Oh and she doesn’t drink either so that’s a huge plus in my book. And she’s a natural An-Cap autist even though she doesn’t work as a merc just for the money. She won’t weep if you die horribly though and more than likely she’ll be more intrigued with your corpse if anything. Still she’s pretty hot and not just for her piloting skills (as mediocre as they might be). 10/10 would have personal dog fights with and play Flight Simulator with.

    Dedicated Song: The Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra - The Journey Home (From Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War)

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