• Source: Mario Golf 64
  • Name/Alias: Plum, Puramu, Jadoo
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Height:Unknown
  • Occupation: Amateur Golfer (and Possibly a Toadstool)

  • Mario Sport games tend to be pretty good. That’s especially the case with some the Nintendo 64 titles. Tennis and Golf 64 were some of my favorite sport titles on that console alongside NFL Blitz. So why did I include an obscure Nintendo sports waifu on this shrine? Let me explain.

    Plum isn’t exactly a well known Nintendo character to begin with as she really only stars in like two games (Both of which are Mario Golf games) and only appears in very lite cameos in some of the Smash games. It’s even debatable if she even has a real personality considering all she says is “Yippee” “Oh no” and various generic expressions including my personal favorite “FORE”. Her stats are generally balanced compared to other golfers though lacking in the power department when it comes to driving golf balls down range. Not a bad choice for a beginner golf player though she’s like one of the few characters you can actually play as before you can unlock all of the popular Characters like Mario and Luigi and so forth.

    I don’t even know who does the voice lines for Plum but she sounds kind of cute. Not to mention, I like her twin ponytail hairstyle and polo outfit (despite the fact that I generally hate wearing polo shirts, for females it’s totally different). Supposedly she’s also a relative of the Toadstool lineage (it’s been thought that she’s Princess Peach’s cousin or something like that). A black haired Nintendo princess…..mmmm that’s really something alright. Oh and if we’re going by her brief appearance in the Mario Golf Gameboy Color game, she’s pretty knowledgeable about golf in general because she appears in the help section of that particular game. Can you name anyone else that’s worthy of being a Golf buddy?

    Dedicated Song: Dave Loggins - The Masters Theme Song (Played by PianoKeys83)

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