• Source: Girl's Frontline
  • Name/Alias: Maschinenpistole 40 / MP40 / Schmeisser
  • Birthday: Unknown but around 1938
  • Height: Unknown
  • Occupation: Sub-Machinegun T-Doll

  • One of the most iconic sub-machineguns of World War 2 which is represented in the mobile game “Girl’s Frontline” as the girl you see on this page. She’s got that Schutzstaffel look to her showing she’s not ashamed of her roots. She’s probably secretly psychotic so don’t say anything about her weight. She’s got some nice curves though, not going to lie. At the very least, she seems very loyal. It's probably a good idea to keep her distance from Negev Squad though.

    She may not be the best smg out there but the fact that she throws molotov cocktails and has a cute alternate costume makes MP40 one of the more eye-catching early game T-Dolls in the game. She’ll give higher tier dolls a run for their money. She’s not going to let you down. Honorary Waifu.

    Dedicated Song: Hans Leip - Lili Marleen

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