• Source: Kaze no tani no Naushika
  • Name/Alias: Princess Nausicaä / Ναυσικάα / Zandra at one point in the 80s lmao
  • Birthday: September 25 (Going by the first release date of the manga as no info on her birth date)
  • Height: Unknown (I swear, it's always never documented)
  • Occupation: Princes of the Valley of The Wind, Wind Warrior, Pacificst, Hippie, Guardian Angel, Insect Whisper

  • In my opinion, I consider Nausicaa of the Valley of The Wind the best work Miyazaki has ever done. Speaking more so for the Manga than the film (Which is still great but only covers the first quarter of the manga series). Nausicaa is a wonderful and loving character who unlike myself shares more compassion towards her enemies than they are warranted. She is the kind of person who would do a pacifist playthough in an role-playing vidya game like New Vegas but she will defend herself if it’s the only option left. With that said, she’s not happy about killing anyone or anything. Other than her love for her people, she loves the world despite it’s hostile nature to humanity. I don’t want to go into spoilers but she makes some pretty significant decisions in the end that could had restored humanity to it’s former glory but at the cost of something much greater. Without saying to much, I think she would subscribe to the Kaczynski philosophy.

    She’s honestly great waifu material if you think about it. She’s very passionate about the people she loves and goes all the way to protect them at all costs. She’s great at biology and especially botany. She can probably take out the chemicals from the river that turns the freakin frogs gay. Oh and she’s pretty good at scavenging stuff too. I’d love to have her with me when the world and society finally collapses. Some may call her a Mary Sue and perhaps they may be right. I like to think of her as a guardian angel. It’s implied in the manga she might be something greater than human though even that is questioned by Nausicaa and others who interact with her. 10/10 would live innawoods (or toxic jungle) with.

    Dedicated Song: Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (Piano Cover by mamoulian69)

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