Rena Lanford

  • Source: Star Ocean The Second Story/Second Evolution
  • Name/Alias: Rena Ranfōdo / Rena Lanford
  • Birthday: May 13, 699,997,565 B.C. LMAO
  • Height: 160cm/5'3"
  • Occupation: Nedian/Space Elf Symbologist Healer

  • I’m really jealous of Claude. Why? Because he gets to have a cute space elf as a companion. She’s a healer so she’ going to keep you up and running if you take a beating. Oh and she’s a natural cook too. Though she doesn’t come for free. You gotta be a somewhat lively to win her over and more importantly you better be someone who’s capable of taking care of himself and more than capable of protecting her from all sorts of dangers. I think it worth it though. Why wouldn’t you want to protect her?

    Both the old (Second Story) and the “new” (Second Evolution) designs are appealing though they did make her more moe in the latter. I honestly have a thing for elves. I don’t know why. Fantasy elves traditionally are like Humans but better in every way. Rena is no exception. As the saying goes: “Around elves, watch yourselves”…..wait what?!!! Star Ocean is a decent jarpig series on top of that. Play them on the original PlayStation (Second Story) though the PSP remake isn’t bad either. if you can. Nowhere near as jerked off like some of the classics like Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger but falls more in line with stuff like Tales of Phantasia.

    Dedicated Song: Vangelis - One More Kiss Dear (Piano Cover by cake)

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