Tsuyuri Kumin

  • Source: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!
  • Name/Alias: Tsuyuri Kumin
  • Birthday: October 14
  • Height:155 cm (5'1")
  • Occupation: Member of Far Eastern Magic Napping Society of Summer / Sleepy head / Student

  • One of my favorite characters in Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! She would be normal if it weren’t for the fact she’s a heavy sleeper. So much so, that’s pretty much all she does during her club hours. But she’s also very innocent and finds amusment in some of the antics in the show. She’s so clueless it’s charming. For some reason, some art work and some anons online protray/see her as overweight but she’s actually underweight. The info on the wiki doesn’t seem to indicate that. Eitherway she’s seem really nice. Perhaps a bit too nice.

    In terms of a waifu, she’s probably not that needy either. Just give her some time to take a nap every once in a while. I guess you can use that time when she’s resting to do your own thing. Imagine that. Not like she’s going to bother you even when she’s awake. She's probably the most harmless girl you'll ever meet.

    Dedicated Song: Edward Elgar - Salut d'Amour (Played by MX Chan)

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