Character Bios

Anzio Girl's High School: Carro Armato P40 Crew

Emi "Comandante" Tanaka : Tank Commander and Team Leader

The athletic and charismatic leader of the group, she exudes a natural confidence that draws others to her. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her friends, always ready to stand up for them when needed. Emi's understanding nature makes her a trusted confidante, and she often takes on the role of diplomat within the group. However, it is her relationship with Chiara that holds a special place in her heart. Having known each other for a long time, their bond runs deep beyond friendship.

Hikari "Arpeggio" Nakamura : Radio/Comms Operator

A girl born into a privileged family, Hikari found solace in her friendship with Emi and Chiara during their middle school years. Despite their different upbringings, their connection grew stronger as Chiara helped Hikari with an exam back in the day, sparking a friendship that would endure through the years. Hikari, with her enchanting singing voice and straight forwardness when it comes to expressing her opinions, makes her a cherished friend amongst the girls and the Sensha-do team. Despite her outward confidence, her search for a boyfriend has been met with little success.

Mai "Gustosa" Kobayashi: Driver

Mai, the chill and laidback food enthusiast, complements Hikari's lively personality with her collected demeanor. She's been friends with Emi and Chiara since their middle school days. Despite her somewhat impoverished upbringing and her constant banter with Hikari, they have an unbreakable bond, always seen together and ready to support one another. Mai's love for food is unmatched, and her enthusiasm for Sensha-do is infectious. With a deep interest in the sport and a nostalgic connection to Anzio's disbanded team, Mai's knowledge and passion make her an invaluable asset to the group's new Sensha-do endeavor.

Chiara "Da Vinci" Sato: Spotter and Gunner

Chiara, the quiet and shy member of the group, often grapples with self-doubt and social anxiety. However, her natural aptitude for mechanics and the arts had sparked interest from Emi many years ago, and the two have been close friends ever since. She's also somewhat versed on Sensha-do and it's history though nowhere near the extent of Mai's personal knowledge. Chiara's hesitance and cautious nature add depth to her character, reflecting her inner struggle to overcome her anxieties and embrace new challenges. Chiara's hesitance and cautious nature are balanced by her deep loyalty and unwavering support for her friends. She's willing to go the extra mile to not disappoint her peers even if it means breaking her comfort zone.

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